Steam network connection bug



I and 2 my friends got banned because of CSGO network connection error. I got banned for 2h and my friends got banned for 30m
Can you lift bans?
Link to the lobby:


Bans will not be removed! Its your responsibility to fix this error (CS GO not Faceit) by restarting the steam.


I have restarded steam 2 times but the error wasnt fixed. This is the 2nd time i got banned because of connection error.


Today CSGO network is lagging. I cant even load CS GO properly. Thats why.


You can see in Faceit main page:

Steam - There is ongoing surges at the moment if you can not log into Steam or your game does not open properly please don’t queue.


Thats why i mean this is not my fault and ban should be lifted or reduced to 30m. Yeah, we got this message after we got banned.


Faceit informed you! Its your responsibility.