Steam acc got hacked and got VAC :(


Hi, a long time ago I used to download a skinchanger and i assume it got viruses. After some time i realised that i couldnt log in to the account, I reactivated my acc through the email, all my inventory and friends got deleted and got vac ban by the hacker, now when I am trying to play on faceit, it doesnt work, so is it any posibility to swap it to other steam account or if its not possible to delete it?


You just cheated or you get banned because of skinchanger.

Once a game account has been linked to a FACEIT account, the game account cannot be removed or moved to a new account.

Multiple Accounts:


My steam acc has been hacked, i lost everything and got ban in cs. i wasnt cheating at all. the fact that i got ban wasnt by me cheating but by someone else, and now i cant even play on faceit


Its not even possible if you have steam mobile auth. Otherways you cheated and cant admit it.

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