State of CSGO South American Servers

This is my feedback regarding the South American queue after a few months playing Faceit weekly and most lately, daily.

First of all I must say I rarely encounter someone who might be cheating, even in low levels you can clearly see that people know more or less how to play with sound queues and angles. Although I do see a lot of people complaining about cheating I rarely abide by those claims since it is most of the time the standard practice in brazil that when someone kills you they are cheating, and I the rare instances I thought someone was cheating I reported that player and never seem them again, so in this topic I have only appraisal for faceit.

That being said I think there’s a particular problem here in this region, while Brazil is the only country which speaks portuguese it means we are stuck with communicating with each other, while playing with people from different countries that also belong to south america is waaay harder then it should. That is because there is a language barrier, most schools don’t teach spanish as a secondary language, instead focusing on english, so most bilingual people in brazil speak portuguese and english, not spanish, that presents a really big problem in terms of communication in game, a part of the game that is essential for a competitive play, which is what faceit provides.

Most brazilians aren’t friendly towards foreigners in-game, that is easy to see, and this action leads to a unfriendly enviroment just because of a failure to communicate properly, leading to games where either people are screaming at each other or not talking at all, which is the route i’m following.
I can’t affirm that it’s a regional issue, but I suspect that different cultures and ways to communicate invalidate a lot of the game experience since it’s become a incessing pool of bad manners, I’m guilty of that too, many games where I expect people to follow calls or divulge important info for the success of the teams end up in a screamming match because one or more people are tilted from a bad game and making the experience even worse we can’t communicate with each other in a calm manner because of the language barrier

I’m not making excuses or trying to paint a pretty picture, I think everyone can be pretty toxic in certain situations where stress is high and adding another layer of stress is taking out the fun of it for me at least

Playing solo queue there’s a 70-80% chance there will be at least one person in either team that doesn’t want to communicate at all or just straight up give up when they notice there’s a foreigner on the team, and from all the open chat I read I can only assume the same happens with the other side too.

What prompted me to do this was yesterday, I had 9 losses in a row, only 1 good match where people weren’t cursing at each other, and since it was the final one I was exhausted to have being put into place with people that don’t even try to be nice or play the game accordingly (not saying follow calls, but playing with the team, passing info, making ecos, small things that amount to a lot in the end of the game)

Thus, this queue is getting too tiresome to handle, sometimes you have a bad day, bad game, bad round, it’s ok, but 8 games in a row full of people screaming, cursing, trolling the rounds it’s a bit much.

it’s making it impossible to try and gain levels on faceit, it’s making it impossible to be happy playing or queueing

My opinion regarding what could be done to improve the servers in SA is too put a language selection, like cs has, so if anyone wants to play with people that speak a different language that can be achieved easily, and if they don’t, they also have that option, because this situation is out of hand, fom day1 in faceit I’m having trouble with, either brazilians who don’t want to play with people speaking spanish and start the game already tilted because there is one player that hasn’t done anything yet but just cause he speaks spanish they don’t want to have anything to do with it or a spanish speaking person not happy he’s with brazilians and has the same attitude.
I don’t know what came first, if brazilians fucked it up or if any other country did, and frankly, I couldn’t care less, I just wish to play a decent game, winning or losing, without people screaming in my ears, or having to mute people cause they are cursing at me or my teammates for speaking a different language.

This is the sad truth of the matter, there are some awesome people who don’t care and just play regularly, but most of the player pool act just a triggered child with no regards towards the other 4 players.

I’ve insisted with all my friends to play Faceit instead of GamersClub, but all of them have had the same experience as the ones i’m reporting

Like I’ve said, i’m not for segreggating the region, but at least the option to choose what kinda language you want your teammates to speak I think would be a nice addition. Today I had 5-6 games, all of them had foreigners, 2 of them were awesome, nice teammates and a good game overall, but the other 4 as expected had the same issues as I previously stated.

Hope faceit continue to improves it’s queue and gives us the option to choose wheter to play with people of the same language to diminish the amount of hate and shouting on the matches