Split Russians/Europe. BLOCK ST**D RUSSIANS!


Please split up, so that we can choose whether to play with or without russians. They are trolling 90% of the time, and have toxic behavior towards europeans. Make is East Europe and West Europe, and i will be willing to pay more a month for a fair and healthy game.


Need to block command like ESEA (example: .block “nickname” in every single profile.We can block all of them and play without bad russians in team.


First of all, make sure to report him/her with the thumbs down button.

Second, Try to be nice to them (I know it’s hard sometimes) and trust me, they will be nice to you :wink:


for whatever reason, I cannot “upvote” or “downvote” people during and after a game. I mean it would be helpful for me to try sorting these people out but no matter how nice I try to be, having a bad game or just losing, in general, gets you a lot of lost FBI, so this is extremely easy to abuse and I haven’t really used this feature since at the start of the implementation I wasn’t able to do anything with it in the first place. I’ve requested Support on it once but it hasn’t helped me much.