Specific Match Stats Issue



I have been using the Faceit API for a few weeks now, building a project. I have experienced no issues with calling the “/matches/{match_id}/stats” call until a few hours ago…

Using the match_id “31f31cbd-ce38-4f2e-aef5-e11632fb1036” it 's hitting my exception catch when i make the web call using the URI:

04/06/2018 02:52:14 ERROR - Exception Caught Getting FACEIT Data: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: value

  • What parameter name is this and why is it only this match that is causing this issue?

This match was taken from a game in my FaceIt history and played recently.

If anyone else could take a look at this match, it would be much appreciated.



Using the data API explorer tool on the FACEIT developers portal I was able to see the response for /matches/31f31cbd-ce38-4f2e-aef5-e11632fb1036

However when using the same matchId for the stats endpoint /matches/31f31cbd-ce38-4f2e-aef5-e11632fb1036/stats it returned a 404 not found

Are you able to see the stats when you view the match on the FACEIT website?

May be something for FACEIT staff to look at




Thanks so much for checking for me - I was getting the 404 error and it was driving me nuts!


I have checked the match room at it exists as you can see above, however, the scoreboard tab says:
''The scoreboard is currently not available for this match"

My question is really to the FaceIt team then - Why this can’t be viewed?




Thanks for reporting and investigating this issue, as upon further analysis it appears that there was actually a bug that occurred during a migration we were undertaking and this caused the stats for this match to be lost in transit!

We’ll be looking into hardening this flow thanks to your efforts and unfortunately I can’t promise a time scale at the moment, as we are working on some rather large projects right now. But rest assured that I will be going back to give our old stats system some love in a few months.

In the meantime, I have managed to manually recreate the match stats for you, so that they are available on the scoreboard and on the data-api.

Thanks so much for your help!



Thank you for the reply and your investigation.

Much appreciated!