"something went wrong" message appeared when queueing in a party



So, today my friends and I want to play in a faceit 5v5 csgo game. When everybody got invited into the party, we are ready to play until the party leader pressed start to begin the queue, but a message kept coming up says “something went wrong”. OK, I know I didn’t play Faceit for so long, I think last year that I played Faceit game. But I did everything that needed to be done such as installing client, installing anti cheat and enabling it. And the message still came up.
Then, I let them try queue without me in the party, and guess what, THEY GOT THE MATCH lol. So I, know the problem is within MY ID, but I don’t know which one is causing the problem. Please help me so I can play with my friends again in faceit, can you tell me the requirements that needed to be done to queue up the game. I did it last year and I didn’t run into any problems, just today.

Thank you.
sorry for bad English