Someone play 5 vs 5 game on faceit?



All what i think about faceit :slight_smile:

I would like to play some 5 vs 5 game, I understand that sometimes someone cant play because of technical problems not through is his fault, but every game must be AFK? (I think that bans on 24h do not work as they should), not saying that after such a game you lose 30 elo, where games happen that AFK is from 2/3 of the round and what? He gets banned for 24h and plays again.
Servers in Sweden 10% packet loss for non-Swedish players.
Toxicity is punishable?
Like someone who after each round I write “ez”, eager, everyone can do it further and write on the chat that faceit will not do anything?

Everything ok but you could start pretend to do something :slight_smile:
Everything other is really good but one think what its bad its community and you must to change something.

sry for english, I wrote fast and I’m not good at English, I only play well in this stupid game.

mad orbit