Someone is getting on my account and spending my points!


First someone spent 26,000 of my points on WOT Russian and I thought maybe I just accidentally clicked it when looking through the store. But 2 days ago someone spent 7,000 points 3x for 650 riot points. I know I did not accidentally do that! I have never given my password out, I don’t even have any friends I play faceit with so it’s either 1 of 2 things happening. Someone is using an illegal hacking program like maybe brute force or something or there is corrupt faceit staff logging into my account & spending my points. I have emailed a ticket it but got no response. I feel like I am being scammed. Has this happened to anyone else?


Please change your password and enable 2-Factor Authentication if possible to ensure the security of your account.

Also, please wait for the ticket reply.

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