Some changes that really would be appreciated



These are some small changes I would like to see after using the faceit client.

First thing would be the pop-up you get when you want to queue for a game. When I’m in a party with friends and I press the play button a pop-up appears and “PLAY AS SOLO” is always selected even if you’re in a party. It would be nice if it auto-selects “PLAY AS TEAM_asdf” because I and others have queued as a SOLO when we were in a party. It sounds stupid but yeah it happened.

Next thing would be the WARM-UP time of 5 min. 5 minutes is way too much if you consider the amount of time it takes for some captains to vote servers/maps. Waiting 5 min for nothing because 1 person decided to dodge is a waste of everybody’s time. If you consider everything, the total time wasted could be 10 min and the most frustrating thing is if it happens 2 times in a row. Make the WARM-UP time 2 min or max 3 min. (And maybe add an alert sound when the map and server are set-up so people don’t forget to connect like the howl sound if it gets reduced to 2min) . PLEASE!

Reduce the time of voting, why would you ever need to take 30 sec to vote for a map.

Maybe for new users it would be nice to have the play symbol next to the leagues/ladders were highlighted orange ((like in the faceit logo) or just make the play button visible at all times and not only when hovering over them.

That’s all I can think of after my experience with the Faceit Client.

  1. I would agree with you that they could recommend “TEAM_asdf” play before solo only but that is a small matter, I think.

  2. The Warm-Up time is made so people with not that fast computer have time to connect. Also if you get an issue or anything else you’ll have time to fix it. I think it’s smart to have 5 Min for every player to get ready and keep in mind that if all players are connected the cooldown will go down to 1 min.

  3. Yes, the vote for map should be 20 sec - I agree but again here. If you are 5 Premates you should be able to talk with your team about what map they should play and why so time is needed for that.

There are many things that need to be fixed in the client but I like some of the minor suggestions you have.