Soloque still not fair


New system that allows only 3 players together is still not fair, 3 good guys can easy carry a team.
Why not make options to select:

  • SOLO (Full SOLO, only players that play/search game SOLO)
  • DUO (Two players playing together)
  • TRIO (Three players playing together)
  • FULL PREMADE (full team…)

It would be more fair, at least to put something like preference when searching games, and if u put tick to SOLO[X] , it will mostly search game with just solo players(players that put TICK on SOLO too.). You guys should put more options to it, like u can tick solo and duo but if u don’t want trio or premade, u can skip it.
IMHO, would be way more fair…


There is still going to have to be solo queuers in TRIO game…


As @VNK1HP said, you need solo, duo and trio queuers to create a game.

SOLO queuer needs any of those in order to create a team:

  • four SOLO queuers
  • two DUO parties
  • DUO party and two SOLO queuers
  • TRIO party and a SOLO queuer

DUO party needs any of those in order to create a team:

  • TRIO party
  • DUO party and a SOLO queuer
  • three SOLO queuers

TRIO party needs any of those in order to create a team:

  • DUO party
  • two SOLO queuers

Then it needs to be somehow replicated in the enemy team.

Then there is a possibility that there are a lot of SOLO queuers who would not tick DUO/TRIO or DUO parties who would not tick TRIO and as a result of it we would probably experience longer queue time and balance issues.

I believe KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule applies here.


i know,but just like something to add “preference” in finding a game