Solo q match making

so as a high level 9 and low level 10 i tend to play prem as i do find it less toxic but the problem i am running into is level 10s who are in master league queuing with people under the level 5 to lower their games making it easier for the level 10 to win and ofc gain points for there ladder and some times you win and some times you lose its absurd this is a thing as the level 5s have 0 impact and cant not kill v other levle 9s making it frustrating experience and its the same every game like not one game do i play were there is not a level 10 queuing with a level 5 is there any way in the future were we will see faceit add a gap of what levels you can play as it ruins gameplay

like an example would be if your level 10 you cant que with people under level 8 and for level 8s you can only play with people over level 6 and then the lower levels are free to play with each other it ruins the gameplay and lets be honest the level 10s are only doing it to get matched with lower skilled players and ofc this means they win the level 5 gets boosted

im just sick of tired of quing prem and getting 2 level 5s on my team when im 9 or 10