So many problems so few options


I just played an entire game 4v5 because one guy wasn’t able to connect. He even contacted me via the Faceit Chat and asked if I can call an admin or something. It is an incredible fact that there is no such thing to do. It is just unfair to lose a match (14:16 my precious nerves -.-) because one player has trouble connecting.
While there is an “call admin” function on 1v1 Leauges there is no way to report people afterwards in those.
It just seems like you should work on or implement a certain level of consistency when it comes to your support options. Before, soon after the start of match or when a match ended; you just have no control over anything (Another example would be that when you report someone for cheating you have to give a statement on why you think that, without the oppertunity to review the game beforehand). It just feels like this so called “community favourite platform” isn’t very social to the “no-names” on their platform. Other people can do their 5 man boosting service with obvious cheats or smurf accounts, while people like me just lose trust and fun with your service, because of the lack of influence you can have.