Smurfs and trolls


Literally every game I play contains smurfs or trolls and its just impossible to win. Why isnt faceit doing anything about it?


Hey @GrimeGames - I’m sorry to hear about that. There’s a system called FACEIT Behavior Index and it takes care of abusive players. If you want to know more about it, please read this support article:

Also, please use thumbs down feature in the match room in order to report abusive players.


they arent doing shit about it because they cant fix their fucking retarded elo system.
Once you derank into low elo like 1600 you are going to stay in it!
there is no way out of that shit because the ppl you have to play with have fucking peanut brains.

Gonna quit this shit again. Guess playing for fcpl was fun but aint gonna happen with so many fucking bots in your team 24/7.
KDR of 1.4 on 2100+ elo. Getting complimented by pros ive played with cuz i carried their asses. 15 years cs online experience stuck with fucking gold novas. Gz faceit on that you offer us a great experience.
Atleast i can play for leagues and lose all my points in a couple of days after beeing 1st because of toxic and deranking motherfuckers.
Jet still lost 700 elo and beeing stuck in fucking level 6. This shit is worthless , faceit should offer us money to use their client.


Davinci-ngu if u are going to complain, why dont u make a suggestion for a system or something like that to make it better?

Have a nice day