Smurfing on faceit is a problem


There are to much smurfing on faceit and it is starting to be a problem.
Faceit ELO system was made to place players into the skill level they are in so the match they get are fair and challanging.

It is starting to be a huge problem now that for every 2-3 game we have a level 1-3 with no playtime and their steam account have just been created.

We don’t even know what skill level we are in because when we meet ACTUALLY meet players from our level we get an easy win.

A sollution for this soon would be great because I know that many players have a problem with this.

You even have a rule about this:


What is your point? People play better than actual level or you play against high level opponents?


My point is that I play against level 4-5 but they are smurfing and their actually level are 9-10.

  • I will never reach lvl 7-8 if that was the level I belong in because I have to play against smurfs each 2 game I play.


actually level are 9-10

If Player is better than you it doesnt mean they are smurfing. Just play DM and stop complaning about dumb stuff.


With 2-5 friends and 100 hours in CS:Go. I think they are smurfing - Else they learned the game pretty fast so stop answer it like you really like smurfs.


I dont care smurfs because I like to get skilled enemy. If you cant beat stronger players than you will stay at your level. You gonna complane about this when you get lvl10?


No because then I would play against level 10 - What would the point in smurfing in level 10 be?
I also like to get skilled enemy - I do not like to get enemies that wins 16/3 - That match dosen’t matter it only deranks me even more.

The problem is that 50% times you meet someone who is same skill as you or a bit higher/lower and 50% time you lose 16/3 to accounts with 100 hour game time and 3-5 friends on it - WHY am I playing against someone who can clearly fuck my ass easy when I just want a challanging game and rank up in my tempo.


Stop cry about this. If you had lvl10 another lvl10 will rekt your ass. It doesnt mean that your lvl10 you have same skill as all lvl10.
Who cares if you smurf play DM and get skill.
Iam done with this noob topic.


You are toxic.


He has a point to an extent. sure smurfs are annoying, but MOST games wont have more than one smurf on the enemy team. and not to mention you can also get smurfs on your team. Regardless, like i said, most games youll only get 1 smurf on the other team. If you cant beat 4 players your skill level and 1 player above your skill level, then you shouldnt rank up either way. If you deserve to level up, i promise you, you will.