OK cool that a new smokebug is out after the new update and ppl can see through smokes. Now my enemy was obviously using this thing, and I won’t even probably get refunded for this match. Callout for admins - just watch the darn demo

Smoke and molotov bug

Please request support ticket to get they attention.


Ty bro, will do that!


BTW, u can review this demo man, just look what happens in round no. 3 and beyond, its hillarious :smiley:


Same here:


You think that there is a real chance for a refund in my case? I’ve dropped a ticket for the support, my ticket numer is 909238, dunno what does it mean, but sounds like a lot of waiting xD


They actually answers faster than you think.


OK cool, so I will wait, they check demos as well?


Yes, they will ask you to provide specific details where this bug started.


Как связаться с админом, у меня такая же история?


OK, thx a lot for ur help bro!


just look at this, imposible to play now.