Smite store


hi again.
i have been dropping messages here about the lack of renewal in products in smite store for months now.
we keep getting the same response that the player base is small so the store renews slower.
and dont get me wrong i got no issue with the mods here they are helpfull and at least reply to us with what their ‘bosses’ say.
but i wish you could tell us the truth for once.
it has been 3 months maybe more since the store had products to buy with our hard earned points.
just tell us you are closing smite division here so we can go find another platform to compete.
i have 70k points and ive been waiting like 3 months to redeeem em in gems.
so when you say soon the store will be refilled how soon is that? cause its been 3 months…
at least tell us the truth that it wont be refilled for a long time or never.
because if u refill it now with 10 products lets say as an example the ppl that are waiting for those will make them dissapear in a matter of minutes. and we will still be left with a bunch of points and a ton of hours spent playing on your site without any actually meaning.
you gotta have rewards in order to build a competitive site obviously.
and like i said i understand that smite has the lowest population here but still…
i hate complaining. im just trying to get a decent answer about this.
please look into it and give us a decent reply. not the usual ‘the store will be reffiled soon’ type…
thanks in advance