SMITE - Restocking Prizes


Smite platform/player base might not be a huge one on faceit, but there are a lot of people that are grinding for those gems obviously, every day or night, EU or NA, anywhere they could grind those points, they do. And since we didn’t have a restock on some of the items for MONTHS (mostly PC-GEMS), until today like… 2 hours ago, some of the prizes got restocked yet we didn’t get glimpse of those 3,5k PC gems, and the 1,5k gems were gone withing 1 hour! I’m expecting all of the PC prizes to be down by the next day!

So my request, (along with pretty much the whole community) is that we want larger amounts of codes/prizes/stock. The prizes that got restocked today got “Out of Stock” in minutes, or might not have been even restocked (im talking about faceit chest-7k prize, madamme darkness nox -8k prize, dark whisperer ah muzen kab - 8k prize, and im not sure about the 3,5k pc-gem prize if it even got restocked!).

Anyway, we are thankful for the prizes and for the platform you are offering to the smite community, it’s really fun to play on it, it feels like playing some sort of a ranked game but with prizes! :slight_smile:


Hey @CreeperCop - I’m glad that you’re enjoying playing on FACEIT! It’s great to see a SMITE scene start to grow, and we have a lot of upcoming changes that we’re hoping the SMITE community will be excited for!

The prizes are restocked on a regular basis but I can understand how it would be annoying for the one(s) you’re waiting for to go out of stock really quickly. As SMITE is quite small on FACEIT at the moment, we can’t really overstock the shop with items that could potentially sit there for a little while. As the SMITE community on FACEIT grows, we should be able to increase the stock sizes and variety (hopefully)! :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to pass your feedback to the Shop Team though.


Thank you for responding very quickly! :smiley: The SMITE faceit community keeps growing day by day, especially lately because I’ve seen some of the players from the PRO scene coming to faceit, which (without a doubt) will drag a lot of new players to the platform! We are excited for the changes you are making lately to SMITE on this platform, it really brought a lot of people back (including me). And with the huge increasement of the player base on the platform, there should be more prizes in stock more oftenly than 1-4 months, because the items that were restocked yesterday, are almost gone within the first 24 hours.

Thank you for your support, and for the exciting news! :smiley: