Smite needed changes on faceit for a comeback



Ok so you guys like where smite on faceit got? After the changes that Dragos asked? Every good player left there is a few players that are in general afk tournaments arent the same as before the ladders points arent atractive at all? Becuase of what smite dying ? na its because of those changes that ruined the fun, ruined the tryharding ruined the competitivity just usually afk cup abuser left and some new accounts to farm points on a dead faceit game? Do you like where it got at 3-4 games per day? If u guys want to bring more ammount of players back of faceit you dont really need advertisment or any of those, all you need are some changes that me or some experienced players on the remaining comunitty of smite are still here after all those changes.

  1. Bring back the Swiming in gems ladder , or at least better prize pool to make it competittive again.
  2. Punish the abusers in cups to make that players that really want to play will play
    3)|If u do need advertise on smite it isn`t that hard and im pretty sure hi-rez will like to give you again some feedback on the main page .
    4)There is need of a elo reset since the most elo was farmed ilegally in those cups. Another ideea in this part is too have a monlty reset elo even if not totaly reset just lets say -300 elo or something.
    5 )The prizzing on smite is kinda expired always and not talking of gems, the other things that no one buys there are other things that people will like to buy.
    On the end of topic there are more other ideeas to bring smite back to life on faceit, if one of the devs will check and give me a reply on this i will be glad. @Kaostic