Smite ladders point distibution


support redirected me to feedback section,
ive been playing with my mates this past week and we’ve been consistently getting first place but since there’s 5 of us. example :
we all have 20 points and we’re all considered 1st but for some reason it gives some of us first seed and so on, and this has nothing to do with KDA or anything its consistently like this with every ladder i think its based on names or some weird thing
1-Vxxz 20 8,000
2_KSR 20 4,000
3-GATSENG0 20 3,000
4-Sagee420 20 1,500
5-Yxxv 20 1,000
i found a better solution for this say the ranking was the same as mentioned if we sum the total amound it would 17,500 points, a fair solution would be to give each one of us 3,500 points each
now if your gonna consider my idea don’t make it constant 3,500 points for the first 5 seeded players but rather make it so if they only have the same amount of points then it would divide it by the amount of players in that seed.