Smite gems



When will gems be avaliable for smite pc?


They are hoping to restock the shop soon.


@Kaostic when will the shop be restock again with gems? :stuck_out_tongue:
You guys really need to add gems monthly please!


I’m unsure of the next restock for gems. I presume it will be sometime in the next week or so with the next restock, but cannot confirm at the moment.


Ok!Thanks @Kaostic.


@Kaostic my dear friend :smile: any news about the gems?


Not at this, unfortunately.


@Kaostic do you know when the ladders will be open and when will gems be add in the store? :blush:


Hi. Is there any chance to have one last restock for gems on PC?


I have 80k since 4 months ago :disappointed_relieved: uncle faceit pls