Smite Gems (PC)


I would like to request for a restock for Smite 200, 400 and 1500 Gems (PC) since they have been Out of Stock for over a month now, and a bundle is about to be removed from the game soon, so I would really really appreciate it if you restock sooner.
Thank You.


The shop restocks every once in a while, so just keep an eye on the shop.


But when ? I wish they fix a date


I guess this Smite community on Faceit is about to die soon. We have been forced to play against trolls, into lobbies where nothing works and without any chance to get rewards. What’s the point to keep playing like this?


True true, but my cheap broke ass needs gemsise


At this point you can earn more easily gems taking surveys for free rewards. Spending whole afternoons and evenings between toxic players and trolls, just to earn points you can’t even use to buy gems, it’s not worth it.
I don’t blame Faceit itself; it’s kinda obvious that Hi-Rez doesn’t believe into this partnership anymore.