Smite Feedback

Smite arenas are a farm free for players that Q together, you get a 5 man Q with lvl 10’s that’s what Yxxv, KSR,Vxxz, iKarma2 and AKAKiller do and farm free points because they will get matched with new players no matter the lvl.
If you want to keep the arenas, you have to do some balance or limit the amount of people that can Q together or no one can Q together in order for the match to be more balanced.

For Conquest ladder, you should add him back, i know a lot of players that aren’t playing face it because they will not play ARENA. Conquest is the main mode of this game and takes the same amount of people in the Q “10” in order for the game to start. In my opinion these are the changes that can bring some players to the table.
Also, people that have a 5 man party should be queued against someone with 4/5 man party as well, communication is the base of this game and it’s a great advantage. Don’t come with the “voice chat” bullshit because no one uses it.