Small user experience suggestion for client's left-side menu component


Thought I would leave a little note on something i’ve experienced multiple times and felt quite silly about (keep falling into the same trap) - perhaps others have as well, so i thought i would list it and see if someone agrees or perhaps does not, or has another way of getting to the information.
Let me outline the situation:

From the main client (browser version tested only), when I select the SUGGESTED COMPETITIONS menu link, and am shown some currently running competitions - I noticed a: “2 friends” message displayed directly under the competition’s title. I then clicked on it, wondering which friends are actually partaking in said competition…

As a user, we would then be redirected to the main competition page, but would have no means of actually finding out who those friends are; other than having to click the Members section tab where we could search for each and every one of our friends manually scrolling down the page, or typing all known friends (one at a time) into the search field hoping to find a match. This would be (and is) an ideal system; for competitions with a small member count (or friend count). The moment there are thousands (as is mostly the case nowadays) of members in one of these events (such as open leagues and ladders), it becomes quite a depressing dead-end from a user-experience perspective.

Thought I would just point out a simple improvement for the scenario outlined above: To visually show or list the friends participating in the competition in any way… As long as they can be found in an easier/more effective manner. -> That was the main reason why I clicked on the competition link to begin with; to find out which friends had joined.

Thanks though for all your awesome work with faceit. :slight_smile: