Small adjustments to friend list would be appreciated


Hai there faceit crew.

Did come across a problem with the friend list.
Did find that offline and online status of the players don’t refresh properly.
On browser you can just refresh the page and it seem to work out pretty well like that.
Would be nice to have refresh button in the client. or some small repairs to make it refresh itself.
Further monitoring showed me that when player enters a game it shows it well.
"Seems that client just shows people online even they are not"
Last line summarises what I was meant to say in the first place :sweat_smile:

Edit: Found “Reload” button from the taskbar, assuming that would do the trick.


Hey, there is an option to refresh the client (CTRL+R), that said the presence list should be updated in real time. Did you notice what exactly the issue was (i.e. someone is shown as offline while he is offline or viceversa?)