Simple question about facequeue and boosting


I would like to know if this is normal to get matched with 4 player arround my mmr and play against a 5 premades stack with level 10 and level 1? (this is obviously boosting)
If this is allowed to do that, me and my friend will just create an account lvl 1 to boost ourselves to lvl 10 while having fun, destroying ladder, and fuck every single games with lower mmr !
Thanks for your feedback.


Then i can add that i report every game and every player that are abusing the system, but none of them are punished






hello admins? doesnt even care to look this forum? why would i register and write my problems on this shit then?


Made a post about his too… I come to faceit to be matched against close to equal opponents. Might as well go back to mm if this isn’t fixed soon.