Simple Question about Faceit Missions


If I subscribe lets say today , and If I have won 4 matches before subscribing do this matches count towards the faceit missions or only the matches I win AFTER subscribing?

For example the 10 Wins mission , If I have won 4 before subscribing do I need to win 10 or 6?

TY for your time.


Hey @Skulcrusher - The Missions will activate from the point of subscribing and will not retroactively add your previous matches this month.


@Kaostic hey i subscribed 1st day in the month i won like 30 matches until my missions just disapear then i ticket the admins and they got my missions back but when they got it back i have 0 wins now can i get my wins back ? cuz its not fair to make it harder on me


Hey @Adm1raL - The team are aware of this and are running a fix for it. You should get your wins back soon!