Silver League Keep Getting Matched Against Masters?!


I’m new to FACEIT so I need some clarification. I’m a 3 in silver league. I’ve been playing games where my entire team is in silver league, but the other team has at least 2-3 Master League 10’s and we just get absolutely demolished. I’m talking about 16-1 or 16-2. If anyone can clarify for me as to why I’m playing with people that are that much better than me, I would appreciate it. I’m playing in the monthly unranked ladder. But other than the daily unranked ladders, that is all there is correct? That’s all I see that I can play in. If this keeps happening, I’m just going to hop over to ESEA and give it a shot. It’s ridiculous that I don’t even get to play people that are even CLOSE to my skill level. Keep in mind that I am playing in the premium queue, but it’s the same way in the non-premium. Can anyone explain?


Hi @oSmurfme - I’m sorry to hear about your experience so far with FACEIT and that it hasn’t been ideal.

I’m looking through your past matches and there are one or two instances where you’ve been matched against Master players - one in particular is concerned as there was a very large Elo disparity between the two teams.

It’s possible that you were playing at a relativity low queue time which meant there was fewer players to choose from.

As you currently have only 9 matches, it’s different get any sort of medium read with that low of a data set. On a brighter note, if something like this does happen, you won’t lose Elo, although I understand it’s still frustrating. For the match in question, you only lost 1 Elo due to the large difference.