Well Im A User Since 2015 And Im Actually Disappointed in how you work on this website , well i got 180k points and the funny parts is that you cant spend them since most of hardware items ships to a certain places and most likely russia and germany and france but other countries are ditched and im waiting for items like corsair headsets to be restocked for almost 4 months and it didnt and it got removed from store then it came back but guess what it was out of stock too its like we are playing games with each other and that day i found it in stock and bought 2 of it and somehow it got refunded and i talked to admins by ticket and suddenly they dont know what happened its like they dont know their jobs or something he told me well we dont know what happened we cant see while i did give him the ID or item from prizes page.
and now im still waiting for any items to be restocked other than trash items which worth 8k and nothing is being restocked so i dont know because im from other countries than russia or france or germany that i couldnt get items…


Hi @GTS512 - I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues. I’ve spoken with the shop team, and it seems that you are already having the same discussion with them via Support Tickets. I will leave that conversation to them there, and close this off for you.