Shop delay ? I wait 10 days and i no have offer only pending check my order pls



pls check my order


Hey @1mage_x - the delivery time is within 10 business days (which is two weeks). You can find more info here:


how i can send a ticket ?


You can do so here:


i send :slight_smile: btw how i can delete video in my page ?


At the moment, player’s can’t remove them (it’s a feature I’ve requested).


where can i see the answer for my ticket ?


You will receive an e-mail when a reply is sent.


ok ty I wait my item now


i wait 11 days and now have 2 days off i will wait more 3 days ? for my skin ? :frowning:


Hi @1mage_x - is it 10 business days you been waiting?


today is last day in 10 business days