Hello there, Im playing CS GO from his creation, but Im mostly CS 1.6 1.5 etc. player. I was playing only MM servers, but they are free to hack on ANY rank and that 64 tick rate is really bad, even when u hit headshot hes not getting headshot. I played ESEA too, but Im banned for a month there so till that Im here. I payed premium too, so heres only question. On higher faceit level, are the servers going to be better or they are intentionally 128 tick? What I see is 128 tickrate servers that should be 64 because faceit is so bad in this, servers are bugged, lagging, so much shitty, worse than 64 MM servers. Never happened something like this in esea. But Faceit? I have 25 ping without laggs, but I never had team under 50 ping. Always 80-350 USUAL ping for them. Are you already kidding me? If only ping but everyday are servers lagging sometimes, everyday, faceit client/site is getting bugged, sometimes it doesnt allow me to join game. I tough that faceit premium have no problems like this, but I was really stupid. Are faceit level 10 players playing on same servers as only premiums? 128 tickrate that even my computer will hold that server better? Thanks for answers. After unban I think im going instantly back to ESEA, seems like they invested a lot of money to hold up 128 tickrates servers, I cant believe that faceit got 128 because its really worse that 64 mm lol.