Second Monitor issues


Recently, I downloaded the FACEIT client and started using it instead of ESEA, and everything was going swimmingly. However, an issue has recently arisen.

As I play matches of CSGO, my frames get progressively lower, starting at around 160 or so, then sitting as low as 60, and when gunfights occur, dropping to single digits. I’ve looked into the issue a bit and can’t find any specific cases that are the same as mine, however I believe the issue can be linked to my second monitor. If I jerk my mouse the right quickly, I can briefly see it appear on my second monitor before it disappears. And if I click in the short time I see it, I indeed lose focus and I get brought to my desktop.

I know there are programs (such as CursorLock) to remedy this, but I don’t know how to open CSGO with that program enabled (Also FACEIT Anti-Cheat probably wouldn’t like that).

Is it possible that my game’s abysmal performance could be a result of the second monitor issue? Is my GPU perhaps not being totally allocated towards the game? Any help is appreciated.

Specs: GTX 1070, Intel i7 3550K @3.5