Season 6 Changes



There’s quite a few small tweaks to Overwatch Season 6; how is everyone finding the changes? I’m not a huge fan of the control maps being best 2-out-of-3 rather than 3-out-of-5, because I tend to find that my team won’t get into their stride until the second or third game.

  • The length of Competitive Play seasons has been reduced from three months to two months.
  • Players will now receive 15 Competitive Points for a win (formerly 10) and 5 Competitive Points for a tie (formerly 3).
  • Players in Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond will now be moved into lower skill tiers if they cannot maintain the minimum skill rating for that tier over five games.
  • Periodic skill rating decay has been reduced.
  • Player Skill Ratings will no longer be temporarily lowered at the beginning of a season
  • Control maps will now be decided based on a best-2-out-of-3 series

Full changes: