Sea new server have 280~580ping


sea new server have 280~580ping,
sgp new server ip: [REMOVED BY MODERATOR]

china cant play this server.
pls add [REMOVED BY MODERATOR] server


Please see this support article:


Only once encountered this IP, previous IP is normal, I think this is faceit doing tests.
The situation at the time was that the captains of the two sides said that they had contacted the support. Actually it did not, causing me to ban for 30 minutes.
The IP has not been encountered in the next few days. This new IP has no problem in most areas of SEA, but in China, all ISPs will bypass Japan to link to Singapore, resulting in high ping.

Hope to add new servers in the future can still be based on the 203IP, which is now the server provider of SEA, AWS,thx