Screw face it im going esea



-65% of my last 30games I played 4v5
-I just had 700ping for an entire game on a german server when I live in Belgium with the fastest internet possible and while my internet was perfect (did a speed test) but I still had 700 impossible ping to play with.
-zero communication / english
-face it level system is pure dogshit. Got B+ esea yet somehow I can’t get past level 5 face it.(And yes,I’m definetely worth lvl 7/8)

PS: Im totally not a toxic person but today you made me really mad. 3games I played and I got: 2 afks from the start in one game and the other game 1afk. the last game I had 700ping for no known reason the whole game.

I’m deleting this poorly made platform of my pc.
And yes,I’m tilted as hell.



Hey @DyveX - I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience.

As for people leaving matches, they will get leaver cooldowns. These bans become longer the more often they leave their games.

As for your ping issues, it has already been explained. There was an announcement on top of the FACEIT page, a message on FACEIT twitter, posts in FACEIT subreddit and I believe I’ve posted a message in one of the threads in the forums as well. Some big European ISPs are having routing issues which cause high ping and anti-cheat connection issues.