Scoreboard Stuck at Halftime / Switching sides


Hey guys !

Did anyone got this issue : I have two private servers that we use to pracc from time to time.

Thing is, when they switch sides at halftime, the scoreboard gets randomely stuck for players. There’s no one targeted in particular, and they cannot undo it. They tried commands in the console but nothing changes. They have to reconnect/restartgame to get the bug out, quite an issue at halftime of a game.

Happened once in overtime too, but doesn’t happen in Matchmaking. I tried CEVO/ESL cfg for the servers but nothing changes it. I don’t have any mods on the server apart from the .cfg file for the games.
I went to talk to Verygames, but they said that the problem couldn’t come from their servers. I saw it happened too online with faceit servers.

I saw a few posts on steam community and stuff, but nothing that fixes it… so I wonder if it’s an issue someone experienced and if anyone found a fix for this ?

Thanks a lot guys ! :slight_smile: