Saturation toggler ok to use?


Is Saturation toggler okay to use, or will it be detected as cheat? link.


Hi @3-x

If you want to use software which will detect your game running and increase saturation/digital vibrance accordingly, you can use VibranceGUI.

Please take a look at Anti-Cheat FAQ

What is deemed to be a cheat?

Using the following is deemed to give an unfair advantage and thus will be considered unacceptable and will result in a platform ban:

Cheats/Hacks (including skin changers)
External scripting/macros designed to gain an advantage over other players (e.g. No recoil script, …)
Use of any exploits to bypass game or Anti-Cheat protection
Attempts to debug or modify FACEIT Anti-Cheat
Use of Virtual machine or any such method to mask behaviour
Use of such cheats, hacks and third party software is not permitted on FACEIT as part of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The following programs/modifications are safe to use and will not trigger a ban:

Game font changes
Game config changes (.cfg)
Simple radar