Russians in faceit


Hello, I am addressing every single russian playing on faceit, on behalf of everyone who had to deal with your shit in their games. I strongly suggest you do not match russians with players with other countries, because it is not playable, nor compatible. 99 % of the russians do not communicate, do not speak english, do really stupid shit. [Removed by moderator] Thank you.


Hello @Chrisoxz

I have edited your post. I do understand that you can be upset, but please be civil and courteous to the other players.

You may want to consider trying out hubs. If you do not know what they are, please take a look at What is a Hub.


you are completely wrong, yes I agree that many do not speak English, but! , the basic information on the enemy, they will give you a let and broken English


Well Chrisoxz is fully right in what he is saying. Its like rest of humanity evolved while russians are still neanderthals. And not only that they dont have a functioning brain but they are spreading on this platform like a form of cancer, censor me all you want faceit, this is a dying platform due to not listening to the members that are playing it.

If you want to play on this platform, learn russian and degrade yourself to the lowest form of behavior and communication you can, i am an example of what happens when they infect you with their parasitic behavior.

I actually believed all human beings are equal before but after around 1000 games with russian/soviet I can guarantee you they are the lowest form of animal. Nazi Germany had it all wrong, the enemy to human race was not the jews, it was Soviet(no group of people but one nation where the unevolved gathered and stayed).

The funny thing is that this platform is loosing so many customers every month and are willing to do anything to keep their revenue stream coming in so they allow parasites from anywhere.

You dont know how to be a human and interact with others like equal human beings? Welcome to faceit, where you can get away with your parasitic behavior all day long.

I rest my case

A european not a russian