Russian community


  1. from days I receiving 4 rus in my team game by game, am loosing game by game, bcause, Ruskies 0 eng, 0 anything, -0 teamplay, they griefing all game, when I was mad I wrote to faceit letter about match fixing drawing, I m play from UK, I havent premade so game by game receiving 4 russian to team, impossible to win, I cant acros level 3 , even if previously I was even 8 lvl. whats happend with faceit, its start being retarded russian platform. after this email to faceit I ve been treath by faceit about my behavior. When faceit start doing something with retarded russian community. fck this shit. Faceit is broken.


No shit when will people understand that ppl from Russian should not get put into west EU queues???

Ive deranked straight from 2100 elo to 1500. Non stop toxic idiots and i´d say 50% of them were from russia.
Its fucking impossible to play with them since if there is more than 1 russian they will refuse to speak english and just speak in their native language spamming the voicechat so you have to mute them = they dont call shit (anyway).

Is it that hard for you guys to not put these guys into english speaking queues?
This is not about racism at all its just super fucking annoying to get these ignorant fucks put into your team.

Maybe add an option to report players for refusing to speak english. And if they get reported multiple times they wont get put in such queues anymore???
-And dont come me with shit like " not everybody speaks english. "
Thats actually true but the callouts are usually all the fucking same and even those russian idiots know these callouts they just refuse to use them in general.

Or just split EU East and EU West queues. Nobody wants to play with them. NOBODY! Everybody is fucking annoyed by this shit and for several years we have to endure it.


I as Russian I’d say you, never conflict with Russians