Ruiners in almost every game


There is a huge problem with leavers/feeders/afk+GG spam in faceit dota2 games. Atleast 33% of the games you play you have this problem.

Is the only solution to stop playing at Faceit since they will not fix it? The current system with reports is obviously not working since it still happens frequently.


Hey mwal,

we are in the process of releasing a system that will solve most of these issues by giving the ability to create and self-manage in house leagues. This means that each league will be able to have admins controlling the activity and behaviour of players. We call this system “hubs” and it’s the same system that is used by the FPL.

There are already a number of hubs running on the platform. If you tell me the region / country you are from and your MMR/skill level i can direct you to the ones that might be best for you.


Sounds great :slight_smile:
Sweden between 5-6kmmr


Bump for info! :slight_smile:


Hey @mwal we released a blog post on Friday about the launch of the FACEIT Client - this also contains information about the Hubs which @nvmaister was referencing!

Along with the release of the new client we are starting to surface a new competition type that some of you might have already noticed with the experiments of some partners like the Polish Pro League and the Swedish Pro League circuits: ‘Hubs’! Hubs are the competitive system used by the FPL for quite some time. They are the next step in the evolution of FACEIT and have the goal of giving each community and organizer the ability to create their own FACEIT experience. Each Hub has its own queue, chat, and leaderboard, and its owner can manage each aspect of the experience.