Romanian Community with WARNIGHTS



I got some problems with a Romanian Comunity of Warnights named Power Legion . On 10/3/2018 we played vs a favoured team from the Comunity . They were 10-2 in front of us and suffering on the chat but no offend them . All good until we got 3 more rounds . It was 10-5 for them ( we were T now and they CT ) we played verry well and win the tournament 16-12 . We got a player who got 40K-1A-12D and they acused him of hack . THEY WATCHED 2 HOURS a demo with 20 players on the TS room and 60 of them said he don’t cheat. At the final we got all banned with the reason " don’t you ever play on our tournaments " . After more applications they refused to give us our winned prize and gave it to them who lost because 1 of their mods was friend with all the team . I want to ban the comunity from the faceit tournament . I mean to not let them to create more tournaments because they never being equal with the players of the opposite teams .


Accused without evidence


Sa imi bag pula in ma-ta aia favorizata cu codatu tau infect,ca nu sunteti capabili sa fiti corecti si sa pierdeti cinstit.Practic acuzand comunitatea pentru incapabilitatea voastra de a juca CS:GO dai dovada de multainteligenta.In gatu ma-tii de tarfa


look at the score from the overview and then the scoreboard score