Rocket leagues inconsitsent rules



So me and my friends have been getting too much unfair treatment that i dont wanna ignore it and stay queit anymore. And im sure we arent the only ones who has had things like this happen to them.

even tho rules clearly say that u cant start a match if all the players arent present here we are forced to play 2v3 i even copy paste the rule to room chat and the admin completely ignores it

here we soloque into a 3v3 tournament and have an afk mate and i suggest to 2v3 and the admin just throws the win to enemy team. this how it should go but when my opponent is missing an mate we have to play.

Here my mate get disconnected DURING our game and rules clearly say that If a player disconnects during a game, the game must continue. The disconnected player/s may reconnect at any point during the current game or any following games in the match. But the opponents call an admin and just give them the win. the admins other reason was that the game has been active for 35minutes but we were the ones waiting for over 8minutes for them to join a game. my mate would have gotten back in time to play the last games too.


Your true. Tournament starts no matter if you have or dont have mates. But if room Captain is afk and didnt vote than enemy team get a free win (at least in CS GO).