Reporting player PUBG Faceit



Is there a way to report people for negative behaviour and for just buggering off and playing as a solo if they’re in a squad game?

I’m paying a subscription for FaceIt to play competitively against other competitive players and so far I’ve loved the idea of it and think it’s great.

BUT I’ve just went on to play as a squad but there was someone in our team who got into buggy and just left me and 1 other player in a field and went to loot a town about 1km away, didn’t even attempt to help when we were attacked or anything.

It might sound like I’m having a go, but I came onto FaceIt specifically to get away from that BS in standard games. So because of this, it affects my FaceIt stats and ranks.

The players name in question was kitten926, who also was giving me some grief in the pre-match lobby over comms.

How to I report this sort of behaviour? I don’t want to be using FaceIt and paying for it, if this is the type of crap that I’m going to have to put up with if there’s no option to report.



Agreed, to many times i’ve been matched up with players just trolling or friendly killing for no reason.
I need a report button for PUBG matches, and if there already is one, i have no idea where.