hi, can you please remove my steam id (76561198089538755) from my old account as I dont have access to my old email anymore …Can you help me change id


Once a game account has been linked to a FACEIT account, it cannot be removed. On top of this, as per our terms and conditions, player’s may only have one FACEIT account. Please contact our support and have them deactivate one of the accounts or run the risk of having both banned:


I wrote in support but I don’t who does not meet theWhat do I do then?
For such cases, live chat, but it is not


Sorry; I don’t really understand what you’re asking here. Could you rephrase it?


I need to remove old profile attachment cs go steam ID


I have 3 turns profile, because I didn’t know that you can not do and trims the ID is tied to three accounts


but the game tied with the first account I ask what would be the first account was removed and I can put on another profile


может так будет лучше если буду писать по русски?


я не говорю что бы удалить профиль просто что бы сняли идентификатор с старого профиля


Right, so I think what you’re saying is that you have multiple FACEIT accounts, and you are trying to remove the CS:GO account linked to one, and move it to another.

Unfortunately, it is against our terms of serivce to have more than one FACEIT account. I would urge you to contact our support team and have them deactivate all but one of the accounts. You can do so here:


чувак мне уже надоела туда писать от туда нет ответа в понимаешь


моя игра привязана к одному аккаунту но стим к трём аккаунтам как то так


@BanknoTa We only allow English on the forums, and I’ve helped as much as I can. If you need anything further, please contact our support team.