Remove option to solo que when in a party


Lots of new players joining Faceit and many of the options can be confusing.
For more seasoned players when you have a party made and everyone is ready and you sortof auto-pilot click click click and not pay attention, it is easy to select as it does by default to solo que.
This is really disappointing after you took the time to get all your friends in to play and then you have to tell them to go play one without you as you must join or get a ban.

For newer players joining I think little improvements like this may be the difference of them wanting to invest in premium.

I have some more suggestions: this is been on my list of things to bring up for a while now.



Thats the only problem!


Yes you do that because you ASSUME that there would not be a way to soloq when your in a party, its a flaw in the system not the user.