Remove disabled accounts from friend lists

…or add an option to remove friends directly on our own profile

I recently submitted a ticket (1304949) where I asked the support to remove a disabled account from my friend list because I can not access the associated profile anymore. Since the support was not able to do so, I have two questions about this problem.

Why are disabled accounts not removed from friend lists automatically?

“Accounts on FACEIT do not get deleted. We simply offer you the option to deactivate your account which will stop it appearing when searched for on the platform. The account still exists, but cannot be found publicly.”

Based on this and the fact that profiles are publicly available, disabled accounts should at least be hidden from other users friend lists.

Why is there not an option to remove friends directly on our own profile?

Almost every social media platform that comes with a friend list offers the possibility to manage friends directly from it without having to visit the respective profile. That’s a missing standard.