Release stats and figures of banned players for toxic


Why is it so hard for players to be banned for being toxic?

Would love to see actual facts and figures on how this FBI system is actually useful to us.


Hey @sbreame - we did give some stats on the FBI back when we launched it (granted, this was in Dec 2016 so it has been a while), but you can find those here:


So why hasn’t there been any stats since December 2016?


Here’s the thing.

A small amount of reports here and there can’t do anything because a premade team would easily get people banned/warned.
However, because of this, you can troll a game every now and then as long you don’t do it too often.

This means you won’t get punished for the game you trolled in, even if it breaks most of the rules.

What is strange is this is happening level 8+ the susposed high levels of your platform - Shouldn’t this be strange that the high levels on your platform, on premium queue, are NOT afraid to troll and throw when they please?

No stats released since December 2016. This just tells me your FBI system is NOTHING to shout about, it’s not special, it’s not groundbreaking, it’s not dealing with anything. If it was working well, you would advertise it so, right?


So I win 2 games in a row right… I am now in a game where there is 2 players on my team shouting down their mics and running around doing nothing, throwing on purpose.

What protection do I have from this? This is nothing less than forcing elo and point loss.

I could report them, but I have no faith that anything will happen to them.


The punishment for toxicity need to be handed out easier as 90% of the games on faceit there is at least one who is toxic about every game.


They don’t care. Simple as that.

No response from staff on this thread now.
No stats or figures released.
Nothing to show FBI works.


We move from project to project quite fast within FACEIT and, once the FBI was out, focus was shifted to the Anti-Cheat, then to the Client, then the new website, etc. I’m sure we could do a retrospective of the FBI at some point in the future :slight_smile:


Why would you move onto something like the website when your customers are crying out for a better way to keep toxic players away?




I have been searching for a Community focused in a serious and non toxic game play and I had no luck finding it, so I started to create a community called Non Toxic Revolution.

My idea is to create a community that helps people to find other people at your level and that wants to have a serious game play with non toxic people.

So I created a Discord Server that has several channels with permissions based on the faceit/mm rank. I also want to implement a vote system that bans a member from the server in case other members are not happy with this person. I also looking to new ideas to implement and help people with that.

Right now I’m looking for someone to help me to structure this community better, help me to write rules, announcements and moderate the discord server together.

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Got same problem with an “player”, cause he cant be called a real Player. I have a demo of him DESTROYING a game, pls help me to get him banned. It wasn’t his first time. It happens ALWAYS. I suggest you to add option: KICK A PLAYER in vote, or CALL AN ADMIN, or something like that. TOXICITY in this case reached lvl 999999999.
PS. Help


Another update to the site…that doesn’t address ANYTHING the community is complaining about.

No one cares for Hubs.