Reduced ELO-loss on ocassions



Hello, As most of people are probably aware, there are some issues with AC/Internet/CsGo itself, which can occur during the match itself. It means you get disconnected from the match for some reason and your team needs to continue playing 4v5 for the remainder of match.
I am suggesting that there would be a reduced elo-loss for the team who have to play 4v5 to the END of the match from some point on, due to it being unfair when they are with BOT and automatically “man down” in every round.

This same reduced elo-loss, should be on matches where IT IS 100% CLEAR that one of your players is somehow “throwing” the match on purpose. For example, i just played a match where since round one the players were teamflashing, blocking my line of sight, shooting my head so opponents hear where i am, intentionally not planting the bomb or leaving it to be undefused and just going to spots where they waste all of the time on the round and lose on purpose. (2/4 of my teammates) The admin politely came to the matchroom to give them a warning on round 5-7 but they just continued till the end of the game.

This type of trolling is taken WAY TOO LIGHTLY by the admins / FBI and I am not seeing currently any results of it improving my game enviroment. For example im getting matched with full premades of any people that dont natively speak english and its the same. More often then not they give you a thumbs down if you play bad, But that is not a reason to thumbs down anyone. I dont care if you are 0-16 in the end of the game if you atleast try and play. I have a high tolerance towards these players but it affects your own FBI score, and not really negative towards them even when THEY MIGHT BE just shouting some bad things about you etc.

Ive also sent these types of demos with obvious throwing and trolling during the whole match with marked ticks etc, and NOTHING has happened. These guys have not received bans or cooldowns.
(I still have some of them on a notepad file and when I check their profiles, there is no indication of anything nor any confirmation from support that this has even been looked into.)

None of us want to lose that 25 elo for free, if your team just throws the game on purpose or DCs for some reason. These issues really need to be looked into and taken seriously.