Recieving a ban for issue around server and client missmatch



Hi, today i recently hit an unexpected problem when csgo launched a miniupdated causing the server to run an older version than what i HAD to update to because of a game crash. i recieved the following error code in console:
Server is running an older version, client version 13623, server version 13622

Isnt there anything you can do to fix / bypass this problem?
i dont see why i should get a ban because of a technical problem with faceit / csgo’s hardware.


Next time, please ask any of the captains to contact Live Support.

If you want to know more about FACEIT Support Options, please take a look at


they generally dont give a f***, and dont read the client chat


Hey @Rightsid3 - Sorry that you ended up having this issue, I will speak with the team to see if it’s something we can somehow avoid in the future.

As far as being banned at the time, having your Captain contact live support and then explaining what happened to the Admin that assists is the best course of action. While Admins cannot influence bans, it’s possible that they can get hold of a staff member that can remove it, if it fits the criteria.