Recent games and how seeding has worked seems heavily flawed

from what I have noticed recently people who do bad tend to be put among people who do better then them but from what it seems if you do consistently well above everyone on your team and lose the games will keep getting worse I don’t know if there has been some adjustments recently to the api but these games are completely unfair and highly unbalanced for anyone who solo queues and I do believe this needs to be fixed
because I’ve had games where I have been god awful and sure enough I then get placed with people who would carry me but the issue is regarding the fact of what if you drop 20 30 kills almost every game then the game decides to put people who are worse and worse even upon losing if you do the best on the whole server from what I have gathered the game decides that you need newer and newer players on your team I’ve only encountered this in it’s severity when solo queuing as people who don’t solo queue can easily change the outcome now again I’m not sure if you made changes to your api recently and how games are seeded but this seems to be the only possible thing I can even think might be possible. i’d highly recommend taking a look at my recent games.

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