Real ladder sysrtem


I would recommend the 2 following changes to improve the CS:GO experience for a lot of people who are paying money for this.

Real ladders for team:
In addition to monthly ladders for single player, you should include CS:GO 5on5 Ladders for teams (not monthly but maybe quarterly) as we had in ESL/Clanbase back in the days. Teams could then just look for matches or even pre-schedule matches ahead for specific dates.

Premium 5on5 Matches
Their should be an opportunity to play 5v5 premade premium - its ridicolous that you have to play 5v5 no premium against 50 game accounts from CIS/Turkey with 200h

Trust Factor
You should incluide a trust factor somehow similar to Matchmaking. Its just tilting if you play with 2000 games every second game against legends with 200h accounts and 15 games/2.0kds. its obvious that this is either a smurf or a hacker. people who start playing faceit are usually not globals and have to prroof first before playing against people with 2000 games. In addition, there must be an option to exclude people trolling or insulting. This report system obvious does not work